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Women in blue: gender equity for ocean

Federal University of São Paulo - Brazil


Increasing global threats to the ocean requires sustainable actions. Although women’s knowledge and roles for community well-being and in ocean-related activities are key to sustainability, they often have fewer opportunities, undervalued work positions and lower wages, especially in developing countries.

The ‘Women in blue: gender equity for ocean sustainability’ project will foster women’s empowerment and gender equality in science, fisheries and politics. This will be achieved by: 1) identifying barriers and solution paths for women participation and leadership in ocean affairs; 2) strengthening the voices of women in fisheries to engage in climate change and policy discussions by facilitating the connection of existing networks across Brazilian coast.

This Project is hosted by the Ocean Decade Programme Empowering Women for the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

Start date: 08/02/2021
End Date: 03/03/2025

Lead Contact: Leandra R. Gonçalves (