GenOcean Starts Today

IOC-UNESCO, 01.02.2022

All Challenges, All Ocean Basins

GenOcean Starts Today

Join the global movement to grow awareness, build knowledge and drive action to restore, protect and live better with the ocean.

Today, we are launching a new global movement to build and strengthen knowledge to take action for the ocean we urgently need to save. Today, we are launching Generation Ocean (GenOcean).

Whether we live inland or by the sea, the ocean is essential to life and livelihoods; it is humanity’s most constant and loyal supporter. Its waters connect us to one another, and its influence on our lives can be felt on a daily basis.

However, due to human activity, the ocean is under stress, and we have reached a decisive moment in our capacity to get it back on track.

Every generation has a part to play.
Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, no matter what age, we are all GenOcean.

Core Principles:

GenOcean will mobilise people from around the world and from different backgrounds to restore and protect the ocean.

GenOcean is rooted in knowledge and the scientific research of the UN Ocean Decade (2021-2030), aiming to bring science closer to people.

The campaign will feature stories of people from around the world who are connected to various ocean issues and the ways in which they are using knowledge to take action.

Communicating that restoring and protecting the ocean is everyone’s responsibility, with people-led stories serving as inspiration for audiences to draw upon and use knowledge to take action.

GenOcean: For the Ocean We need



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Connecting the science with the everyday, to inspire everyone to take action.

Join today!