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Study of recent behaviour of cyclones and marine heatwaves

National Oceanographic and Maritime Institute

All Challenges, Indian Ocean, Project, South Atlantic Ocean

Considering the importance of the ongoing societal and sustainable development of Bangladesh and to reduce vulnerability associated with cyclones and their impact, this study will examine heatwaves over the Bay of Bengal by using ERA5 datasets.

In this aspect, dry and wet bulb temperature datasets of both observation and analyses will be collected for the study. It will also examine whether there is any relationship that prevails with the El Niño index. The results will enrich the knowledge and understanding of tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal, their associated features and their emerging impact on coastal areas of Bangladesh.

Start Date: 16/01/2021

End Date: 12/02/2027

This project is hosted by the programme Ocean Observing Co-Design: evolving ocean observing for a sustainable future.


Dr. Mohan Kumar Das: