Meet all the endorsed Ocean Decade Actions

Coastal livelihoods: preserving oceans to strengthen coastal resilience

AXA Research Fund

Contribution, Develop a sustainable and equitable ocean economy, Expand the Global Ocean Observing System, Increase community resilience to ocean hazards, Sustainably feed the global population

The AXA Research Fund, the philanthropic scientific initiative of the AXA Group, will provide €1M in total to 8 excellent scientific projects in the area of coastal livelihood in a sponsored call for Decade actions with IOC-UNESCO.

This Call was launched in early October 2021 as part of the Ocean Decade’s Call for Decade Actions No. 02/2021.

The Call will contribute to several Ocean Decade Challenges including notably:

  • Challenge 4: Sustainably Feed the Global Population;
  • Challenge 5: Develop a Sustainable and Equitable Ocean Economy;
  • Challenge 6: Unlock Ocean-Based Solutions to Climate Change; and
  • Challenge 7: Increase Community Resilience to Ocean Hazards.

Start Date: 01/10/2021
End Date: 31/12/2022

Lead Contact: Marie Bogataj (