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Decade Coordination Office for Ocean Observing

IOC-GOOS Office - France


Ocean Decade Challenge 7 identifies the need to ensure a sustainable ocean observing system across all ocean basins that delivers accessible, timely and actionable data and information to all users.

Sustained and fit-for-purpose ocean observations will also be vital to address the other Challenges, notably those related to the ocean-climate nexus, ecosystem management, marine pollution, blue food and the development of a sustainable ocean economy. The broad scope of the Ocean Decade is a major opportunity for the accelerated development of sustained observations, to identify and fill gaps in capacity, to connect the data and the use across silos, to answer the pull to deliver solutions for sustainable economic growth.

The Ocean Observing Decade Coordination Office (DCO) will ensure connection between the numerous Decade Actions addressing Challenge 7, and ensure actions are built for the future, and that the coordination goes beyond GOOS’ existing scope. In return, there is a clear opportunity for the DCO to have a transformational effect that will lift ocean observing capacity and lead to transformation of GOOS within the Ocean Decade to meet the challenges beyond 2030, leaving behind a practical legacy.

Lead Contact: Emma HESLOP, Deputy Head of the GOOS Project Office (