UN 2023 Water Conference

Setting a global ambition for the ocean we want!

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) at the United Nations 2023 Water Conference

The UN 2023 Water Conference, co-hosted by the Governments of Tajikistan and the Netherlands, will feature a number of high-level special events and side events organized by Member States, the UN system and other stakeholders. It will take place on 22 — 24 March 2023, in New York City, United States (USA).

The UN 2023 Water Conference and the Water Action Agenda will unite the world providing a decisive opportunity to galvanize action on water for sustainable development. Join the Ocean Decade at the Conference!

This page will be updated regularly with events, including official side events and events from our Ocean Decade partners so check back here soon!

Stronger together: Building resilience and prosperity through integrated and evidence-based management of the Ocean–Water continuum

Thursday, 23 March ⏰ 13:15 📍 UNHQ, New York - Conference Room 4

A ‘Game Changing’ UN Water and UN Oceans Side Event

The importance of the ocean and seas in the water cycle cannot be overstated and their health depends largely on both direct sea-based and indirect land-based impacts.

This Side Event will explore the interconnected nature and critical importance of the land – freshwater – coastal – ocean continuum, and the necessary steps and actions to systematically address the drivers of ecosystem degradation in an integrated manner.

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Source-to-sea collaboration: A game changer for the whole water cycle

Thursday, 23 March ⏰ 17:00-18:15 📍 UNHQ, New York - Side Event Room 8

Source-to-sea solutions are key to achieving SDG 6 and, through its strong interlinkages, in contributing to the achievement of SDG 14 on seas and ocean, SDG13 on climate action and SDG 15 on ecosystems and biodiversity on land. To accelerate the uptake and implementation of source-to-sea management, the “Action Platform for Source-to-Sea Management” (S2S Platform) brings together a dynamic community of organizations fostering the development of cross-cutting initiatives that address source-to-sea challenges and ensure benefits across the entire water cycle, through partnerships, knowledge sharing and commitments to stimulate source-to-sea action on the ground.

This Side Event will share concrete examples from various cases worldwide on how source-to-sea management has been applied in practice, showcasing lessons learned, success stories, barriers faced and how these have been overcome.

The Ocean Decade and the endorsed Healthy Rivers, Healthy Ocean Programme which is being submitted as a formal commitment to the Water Action Agenda will be discussed at this event as a global framework for source-to-sea action.

The Source to Sea Approach: Ocean Literacy as a powerful tool to address climate crisis and promote sustainable blue businesses while encouraging cross-sectoral partnerships bridging SDG 6 and SDG 14

Thursday, 23 March ⏰ 8:00 📍 UNHQ, New York - Room B

Co-Hosts: Acqua Mater and OceanPact Marine Services, both signatories of the UN Global Compact

This Side Event will take place in the context of the Ocean Literacy With All (OLWA) Ocean Decade Programme and will be divided into 3 panels:

1. Ocean Literacy Mobilizing Corporate Action

This panel will explore how Ocean Literacy plays a pivotal role for the success of the Ocean Decade and when its goals meet those from the UN Water Action Decade. The partnership with the private and the financial sectors are fundamental to promote sustainable blue businesses while raising awareness and promoting behavioral change.

2. Brazilian case-studies on public-private partnerships for Water and Ocean Sustainability

Two inspiring and relevant initiatives from BRK Ambiental and OceanPact will be showcased highlighting the importance of sustainable investments and public-private partnerships to succeed in business while scaling positive impacts for the benefit of the society, the planet and all its waters.

3. New pathways to bridge SDG 6 and SDG 14

In a world of constant change, we must be inspired by water to adapt to new needs. How can formal and informal education lead transformative change for the benefit of all? Which cross-sectoral projects from Academia, NGOs and Social Entrepreneurships are promoting a systemic vision around our aquatic ecosystems?

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