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The Universidad Del Pacífico through the Faculty of the Sea and Environment since 2005 has been working in the education of professionals for the maritime-port sector and in strengthening the interests and maritime awareness in Ecuador, with programs undergraduate and graduate. The Master's programs in Maritime and Port Management and Master's in International Maritime Law stand out. The University actively participates in national and international forums, projects and studies related to water quality, sustainable development of marine and coastal resources, governance of maritime and port development activities, coastal pollution, integrated coastal zone management, protection of marine resources in waters beyond jurisdictional (BBNJ), and marine and coastal pollution. UPACIFICO has a team of research professors linked to the different aspects of marine science and maritime science, which include the areas of oceanography, marine biology, maritime transport management, port engineering, and chemistry applied to the study of waters. Among its projects related to ocean sciences, there is participation in the PRO-PLAYAS international network for the mitigation and management of litter on beaches; the creation of a laboratory for numerical modeling and management of satellite data in order to contribute to the observation of the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean, and a water quality laboratory. On August 17, 2020, by Act No. 14 of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Governing Council of UPACIFICO creates the Program "NUESTRO OCEANO PACIFICO" attached to the ASIA - PACIFICO Center of the University (National Congress Law # 43 Official Registry # 218- 12.18.1997) The "NUESTRO OCEANO PACIFICO" program created by Universidad Del Pacífico was officially inaugurated on October 27, 2020, with the participation of national and local authorities, and members linked to the maritime and coastal area and with the formation of the CITIZEN MARITIME COUNCIL, C.M.C. with the adhesion of public and private organizations and natural persons as Founding Members. The objective of the program is to develop a national citizen call, to unite the efforts of all Ecuadorians, with the main objective of promoting and developing the "Culture of the Sea and Maritime Awareness as the mobility capacity possessed by the inhabitants of a country to understand, accept and value the degree of dependence they have on the sea ”. One of the key aspects for its implementation was the linking and promotion of the DECADE OF OCEAN SCIENCES 2021-2030 for sustainable development and SDG 14 underwater life, at the level of Ecuador and the region. The work plan is built around four central axes: 1. Citizen empowerment by carrying out education and dissemination activities. 2. Taking advantage of the opportunities and strengths that Ecuador faces to achieve the sustainable management of "NUESTRO OCEANO PACIFICO". 3. Development of blue growth: protection, exploitation, security of the ocean resources of "NUESTRO OCEANO PACIFICO". 4. Consolidation of the evolving maritime economy and the interdependence of its clusters. The "NUESTRO OCEANO PACIFICO" program in your organization has: I Maritime Council of Citizens C.M.C. to which representatives of organizations that have nuclei or that can build them can join, mainly in the coastal provinces, in order to develop a structure that can identify the specific problems of the uses of the sea in the maritime and marine-coastal sectors and has considered, furthermore, II. Tanque de Pensamiento TP (Think Tank) made up of a select group of national and international researchers who are experts in oceanographic, marine and maritime sciences. III. General Secretary under the dependency and supply of UPACIFICO

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