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Remote Sensing Department, Wave Theory Department, Oceanography Department, Shelf Hydrophysics Department, Department of Dynamics of the Oceanic Processes, Atmosphere and Ocean Interaction Department, Turbulence Department,Marine Biogeochemistry Department

Marine Hydrophysical Institute of RAS

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2, Kapitanskaya Str.
Sevastopol RUS

Marine Hydrophysical Institute of RAS is one of the major Russian oceanographic research centers. There are 12 scientific research departments in its structure as well as the Black Sea Subsatellite Polygon. Highly qualified scientists work at the Institute including two Fellow Academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 25 Dr. of Sciences and 76 PhDs. Main Fields of Scientific Studies: · fundamental processes governing hydrodynamic, thermohaline, biogeochemical and optic properties and ice in seas and oceans, interaction of the atmosphere and the ocean on different spatial-temporal scales; · operational oceanography methods and instruments, including operational models of circulation and ecosystems of the World Ocean and the seas at the Russian Federation coast, observational data, data analysis, data access and distribution; · new instruments, including drifters and observational stations for studies and monitoring of marine environments; · interdisciplinary studies of processes governing coastal marine ecosystems, including the Black and Azov seas and other seas of the Russian Federation.

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