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Coastal News Today, home of the American Shoreline Podcast Network, is a non-profit, non-partisan platform for coastal and ocean leaders, professionals, and concerned citizens to share information and promote discussion. Here, stakeholders from different coastal industries and disciplines can gain exclusive insights from across the spectrum of interests to inform better decisions. We break down barriers between sectors to offer you behind the scenes access into how partnerships, policies, and decisions are made in the coastal and ocean space. And we empower professionals whose shared success depends on healthy oceans and coastlines - from infrastructure and ecosystems to governments and economies. Coastlines and oceans are complex geographic zones. People from different industries and interests often look at the same challenges from different silos. We bring the coastal community together to start conversations and share knowledge. The Ocean Decade Show!, a new podcast on the American Shoreline Podcast Network, is aiming to be a monthly source of behind-the-scenes information about the Ocean Decade. Hosted by Taylor Goelz and covering both international and U.S. domestic efforts and people, this podcast will be your guide to exploring the history, planning, preparation, and execution of the Ocean Decade. We’ll strive to bring this international effort down to the national, regional, and local scale and answering the “so what” questions people have about the Ocean Decade. A podcast is an ideal choice for a communications tool for the Ocean Decade because of its relatable format and emphasis on storytelling; the Ocean Decade is a fantastic, but complicated, story. Our goal with this podcast is to help individuals understand the Ocean Decade story to increase their connection to the overarching effort and its component parts. You can listen to the Ocean Decade Show! across all platforms, for free, by subscribing to the American Shoreline Podcast Network.

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