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Barrio Universitario S/N
Concepción CHL

The COPAS Sur-Austral Center of the Universidad de Concepción is dedicated to the study of the coastal environment, with emphasis on Chilean Patagonia and the implementation of Oceanographic Observation Platforms on the coast of Chile. With its lines of research, it seeks to know the different oceanographic processes that take place in the different marine ecosystems of Chile, and how human disturbances, such as overfishing, pollution and climate change, can affect these processes. It studies the interaction of these processes with the different marine organisms that exist, including those that are fishing resources. Finally, it evaluates solutions based on the ocean that can serve for the sustainable development of coastal communities and that help to solve or mitigate some of the problems associated with climate change. An important emphasis of the center consists of transmitting the knowledge generated to the new generations and to the community

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