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Av. Beira mar, s/n Pontal do Sul, Pontal do Paraná, POBOX 61, CEP 83255-000
Pontal do Paraná BRA

I obtained a PhD degree in 2010 in Zoology (Behavioural Ecology of marine mammals) at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), and since 2007 I am the lead researcher of the Laboratory of Ecology and Conservation (LEC) at UFPR. Throughout the activities and projects developed during the last 15 years, I gained more experience in biology, ecology and conservation of marine megafauna, especially cetaceans and other megafauna species (as sea turtles and birds). I am currently conducting projects to incorporate this knowledge in impact and risk assessment studies of anthropogenic impacts on these endangered species and how this can be applied in systematic conservation and co-management planning. Furthermore, as the coordinator of the beach monitoring project in the state of Paraná, southern Brazil, I have been working extensively with the health and stranding assessment of marine megafauna. Lastly, I have been actively participating and collaborating in many national and international projects and forums and I've always been dedicated to science communication and outreach.

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