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Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences

University of Haifa, Israel

Ocean Science & Technology


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Abba Hushi 199, Mt Carmel, HAIFA University
Haifa ISR

The Leon Charney School of Marine Sciences (CSMS) is the largest academic center of marine science in Israel today. CSMS was established in 2008 as Israel’s first comprehensive graduate school of marine sciences. Today CSMS comprises ~80 faculty and staff, over 200 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from around the world, and three international programs for MA and MSc degrees within four departments: Maritime Civilizations, The Dr. Moses Strauss Department of Marine Geosciences, Marine Biology, and the Hatter Department of Marine Technologies (http://marsci.haifa.ac.il/index.php/en/). National leadership: CSMS was chosen by the State of Israel to lead the Mediterranean Sea Research Center of Israel (MERCI- http://www.ocean.org.il/), a consortium of seven universities, two colleges, and two government research institutes. MERCI funding enabled the procurement of modern scientific infrastructure, provided research scholarships and training opportunities for students and scientists, and helped support such projects as DeepLev, the first deep-moored station (1500 m deep) in the EMS. Through MERCI, CSMS manages, a wide array of advanced research infrastructure for deep-sea studies available for the entire scientific community in Israel. International collaborations. CSMS faculty are involved in international collaborations with projects around the globe. A long-term partnership with Texas A&M University established a joint doctorate program and the THEMO project (Texas A&M - University of Haifa Eastern Mediterranean Observatory) that provides real-time data (open access to all via the THEMO website http://themo.haifa.ac.il/) from two moorings in the Levantine basin. In 2021 an exciting partnership of CSMS with the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel (Germany) will establish an International Helmoholtz Laboratory: The Eastern Mediterranean Sea Centre- An Early-Warning Model-System for our Future Oceans (EMS-FORE). The overarching aim of this collaboration is to use the eastern Mediterranean Sea(EMS), one of the most rapidly changing ocean basins on our planet, as a natural laboratory to gain mechanistic and quantitative understanding of biogeochemical and ecosystem transitions of a future (sub)tropical ocean (covering 40% of global ocean) affected by global warming and other anthropogenic pressures. For this purpose, the EMS will be used an early warning and model system to examine ecosystem resilience and sensitivity. A bridge for regional discourse and collaboration: We at CSMS believe that marine science is an important tool facilitating bridge-building between cultures and nations under political conflict. Fostering regional cooperation between our neighboring countries in the Eastern Mediterranean is an important goal. In November 2014 and October 2015, CSMS held the first two regional symposia in the field of marine sciences, bringing together scientists from Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, the Palestinian Natio

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