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Lagos State University

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I am currently the Head of Department, Fisheries Department, Lagos State University. My research interest is the sustainable use of the ocean and with interest in the blue economy. I am a transdisciplinary freshwater and coastal fisheries scientist with a strong background in fisheries biology and ecology, fisheries economics and fisheries governance and management. The overarching objective of my research is ultimately the well being of the human, fisheries biomes (environment) and fisheries community. Conceptually, my work is informed by scholarship in social-ecological systems, sustainability science, and development. I often work with fisheries scientist, socioeconomist and other transdisciplinary scholars. I have been able to work more closely in global networks to move the focus of my work from the national to the global domain to improve the wellbeing of the fisheries community and consumers of fish and fisheries products. Methodologically, I do both primary and secondary research and combine quantitative and qualitative analysis

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