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Ayni Institute- Environment conservation and social development

Instituto Ayni de Conservação Ambiental e Desenvolvimento Social

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Av Ministro Lindolfo Collor, quadra L lote 30, Ipioca
Maceió BRA

Ayni Institute: Environmental Conservation and Social Development aims to form a multidisciplinary researchers network, conservationists and community actors with experience in biodiversity conservation, use of natural resources, ecology, sustainable development, sustainable tourism, climate change, bioeconomics, socio-environmental actions, adult and child environmental education, environmental awareness, scientific communication among other areas, seeking to achieve the following specific objectives: I - To develop high-level scientific research; II - To implement and promote extension actions on topics of interest to the entity; III - To advise, support and promote actions aimed at the sustainability of Conservation Units and natural areas; IV - To facilitate the arrival of scientific knowledge for decision makers in all governance spheres; V - To develop and execute Knowledge Translation Plans; VI - To develop and implement communication plans for the production of scientific dissemination material, and environmental awareness appropriate for different audiences; VII - To develop participatory methodologies and forms of communicability between the various actors, institutions and networks involved in ecological partner systems, contributing to the efforts expansion in the construction of sustainable societies; VIII - To promote and/ or organize courses, training, exercises, and other educational and awareness-raising activities related to topics of interest to the entity and other stakeholders involved; IX - Training and qualification of human resources to act on the topics of interest; X - Administration, coordination and execution of projects on topics of interest; XI - Fundraising for the projects execution on topics of interest; XII - Establishment of consultancy services, elaboration and execution of projects for public and private entities in the entity's area of operation; XIII - Establish, within entity's scope, partnerships with the municipal, state and federal government spheres. *In carrying out its activities, the entity will not discriminate against race, color, sex or religion.

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