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Division for Marine and Environmental Research

Rudjer Boskovic Institute

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Bijenička street 54
Zagreb HRV

As the largest Division of marine and environmental research in Croatia, our mission is to continue our leadership in the fundamental and applied study of environmental systems, processes, and states. The goal is to contribute to optimum environmental management for the benefit of our country and the world. The Division of Marine and Environmental Research, with 120 scientists and technicians organized in 12 laboratories in Zagreb and one marine station (Martinska, near the city of Šibenik), is the largest interdisciplinary RBI division. The laboratories carry out research in oceanography, aquatic chemistry, radioecology, geochemistry, biogeochemistry, bioelectrochemistry, environmental electrochemistry, ecotoxicology, aquaculture and fish pathology, ecological modeling, and environmental informatics. The scale of research problems spans from nanoscience to satellite oceanography.

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