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Green Worms

Green Worms

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Address: 140 B, The crest building, Varakkal road junction, West Hill Chungam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673005
Calicut IND

Green Worms is a social impact-oriented waste management organization. Our goal is to protect regions more vulnerable to climate change, particularly the coastal regions through sustainable solid waste management practices with more emphasis on mitigation of oceanic plastic pollution. To achieve this end, we collaborate with government bodies, local communities and business firms, strictly adhering to our vision Our CEO, Mr. Jabir Karat has started Green Worms in 2014 by managing of waste 300Kgs per day and now we manage 60-70 Tones of Solid Waste per day and currently, we are a team of 25 We have worked with 80+ villages panchayats & municipalities in Southern India and diverted 27,000 tons of plastics waste from Dump yards or Oceans and created dignified job opportunities for 320+ low-income women through work in the last five years.

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