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R. Capituba, 78
São Paulo BRA

Science and science communication are essential areas for education and the development of society. It is essential to be aware of our choices as citizens regarding pollution, climate change, sustainability and conscious consumption. The purpose of PhD. Fran was creating environmental awareness about Antarctica and the oceans to help people taking the first steps in sustainable actions. Thereat, she created the “Gelo na Bagagem” Institute, the first Antarctic entertainment platform, which offers Courses and Lectures on the theme, in addition to making free content available on Instagram and YouTube. PhD. Fran uses a playful and fun language to tell her experience in all the five expeditions to Antarctica reaching audiences of various ages and providing understanding and reflection on the topic, as well as intensifying the actions of environmental preservation in people. The aim of “Gelo na Bagagem” is teaching that we are integrated into the planet and that our actions interfere with the environment, including the Antarctic ecosystem.

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