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319 N. Piedmont, Suite 4
Arlington USA

Brad Ack is an environmental innovator with nearly 30 years of creative contributions for a more sustainable and biologically diverse world. His work has spanned geographies from the tropical forests of Latin America to the high deserts of the American southwest to work throughout the global ocean. Brad has worked for both government and NGOs at senior levels, in concert with the private sector, designing and implementing innovative conservation and sustainability initiatives. Brad recently launched Ocean-Climate Trust, focused on the Oceans-Climate nexus and pathways to address and reverse global climate disruption. The Ocean Climate Trust works to build social and political license for a new ocean/climate stabilization agenda, to unlock new intellectual and financial investments in ocean/climate restoration; to source and develop innovations to repair and restore critical components of the ocean system; and take advantage of the oceans capacity to capture and store carbon in new ways.

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