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School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University Campus
Thessaloniki GRC

The project ScienceDIVER “Cross-sectoral skills for the Blue Economy labor market” focuses on building solid-long lasting-collaborations and structures between academia and industry in order to offer standardized training and clear career pathways to the diving scientists. ScienceDIVER, facing the challenges of the UN's “Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development”, develops a transition mechanism from the higher education to the marine industry as follows: through the driving of policy change to support diving for scientific purposes as a profession and its unified regulation among EU countries, through a job-oriented qualification scheme for diving scientists. Main objectives of the project are: to increase the visibility of diving for scientific purposes as a high quality-well paid profession; the creation of links between academia and maritime/diving Industry; the development of a job seeking platform, providing insights on market demands in terms of skills; raising awareness of policy makers/competent organizations for the promotion, support, development and professional acknowledgement of scientific diving; the development of sea-basin network of actors of higher education, diving associations/organizations, industry and national/European public authorities, professional associations etc. The project ScienceDIVER (Project Id 863674, EMFF-Blue Economy-2018), is funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, European Union, managed by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME).

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