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Ocean Motion Technologies, Inc.

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3952 D Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #318
San Diego USA

The natural forces of ocean waves have the potential to provide clean, reliable and locally sourced energy to coastal regions. Wave energy is far more predictable and continuous than other renewable generation (e.g. solar and wind). Our industry has increasingly diverted from large grid-scale experimentation to small-scale local generation in order to develop technologically and economically viable technologies to capture wave energy. If grid-scale wave power generation is the eventual goal, then we must forge a path that creates commercially competitive products at each step of the way. This approach is championed by the United States' Department of Energy as part of its "Powering the Blue Economy" initiative (https://www.energy.gov/eere/water/powering-blue-economy-exploring-opportunities-marine-renewable-energy-maritime-markets). Ocean Motion Technologies is at the forefront of this movement. Currently, we focus on off-grid, small-scale, low-power applications in markets for data buoys for ocean observation and navigation, offshore aquaculture, and coastal security and defense. Our team is fabricating the world’s first adaptive ocean wave energy converter that is controlled by an advanced artificial intelligence. At its core, our technology is an improvement on conventional and reliable wave energy conversion mechanisms. However, it will be the first commercial artificial intelligence aided wave energy converter that can adapt to ambient sea states to optimize power output. As a result of the development process of this product, Ocean Motion Tech will introduce a new category of wave energy devices.

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