2024년 5월 1일 - 2026년 11월 1일
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“Participatory Art for society engagement with Ocean and Water (PartArt4OW)” aims to strengthen the emotional attachment with the oceans, raise awareness of challenges and develop a trans-European network of artists.

It is a 30-months programme under Horizon Europe coordination, funded by the European Commission under the HORIZON-MISS-2023-OCEAN-01-11 (Ocean & water and arts: the contribution of creative sectors to Mission Ocean and waters).

The consortium is led by Chiara Certomà, Dip.Memotef, University Sapienza Rome and partnered by T6 Ecosystems (Antonella Passani), Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (Maria Hadjimichael), Regenera Network (Carolina Dopico), Fundacion Epica La Fura dels Baus (Fran Javier Higlesias and Helena Martì) and Raw-News (Federico Fornaro). The project has been endorsed by the United Nation Ocean Decade Programme as a Decade Action.

In line with the objectives of “Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” and the Ocean Decade, PartArt4OW aims to:

  1. Strengthen the emotional attachment between society and the oceans and waters;
  2. Raise awareness of challenges these face;
  3. Develop a strong transdisciplinary and trans-European network of artistic and creative communities to protect and restore oceans and inland water;
  4. Support policymakers in working towards sustainable ocean and water policies.

To this end, PartArt4OW focuses on participatory art and creative processes on the belief that participation can bring about a deeper engagement of people with the problem of ocean and water health by performing arts themselves.

Building upon the belief that art and the creative sector can contribute to the EU Mission Starfish 2030 priorities, PartArt4Ocean mobilises artists, citizens and other stakeholders in realising 20 multi-stakeholder Participatory Art Initiatives. All modes of artistic expression and synergies with EU-funded projects are welcome.

Selected Participatory Art Initiatives receive physical resources, human capital such as training, experience, mentorship, relationships and feedback, and organisational capital such as structure, planning, monitoring, and internal relationships, through a PartArt4OW Accelerator Program. To support Participatory Art Initiatives, PartArt4OW also organises stakeholder engagement and ecosystem-building activities, including Ambassadors Network engaged in mutual learning exercise and the operationalization of ParArt Sailing Lab equipped with sustainable sailing and artistic production facilities on board to visit and connect creative communities engaged in Participatory Art Initiatives.

세부 정보

5월 1, 2024
11월 1, 2026
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