TAC 해양 관측 및 예측 시스템

TAC 해양 관측 및 예측 시스템

TAC 해양 관측 및 예측 시스템 2560 1440 오션 디케이드

리드 기관:

University of the Virgin Islands – USA

During preliminary workshops among constituents in the Tropical Americas and Caribbean (TAC), the need was expressed for the co-design and operation of a sustained integrated ocean observation and forecasting system for the region that will provide essential information for the sustainable development, well-being, prosperity and safety of the region’s oceans. 

The system will be in alignment with the GOOS 2030 Strategy, using a value chain approach, connecting observations through data management for use in analyses and models to create applications. It will have a governance and management structure that ensures sustainability, enables and supports broad regional engagement and participation, promotes data and information sharing, and advocate for regional collaboration with the global ocean community. It will promote the development of regional national observing systems and collaborate with global Ocean Decade Programmes, and utilize both for capacity building and education. 

This Project is hosted by the Ocean Decade Programme ForeSea – The Ocean Prediction Capacity of the Future 

Start Date: 01/06/2022
End Date: 31/12/2030 

Lead Contact: Douglas Wilson | Email: doug@coastaloceanobs.comDoug.Wilson@uvi.edu

도전 과제: 글로벌 해양 관측 시스템 확장, 해양 위험에 대한 지역 사회 복원력 강화, 기후 변화에 대한 해양 기반 솔루션 개발
ocean_basins: Caribbean Sea, North Atlantic Ocean
type_of_action: 프로젝트

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