M365 matches and provides mentors and mentees with structured, relationship-building tools to develop and accomplish focused career goals. These connections range from one-on-one to small group discussions and often transcend national borders to bring a global perspective to the mentoring experience.

The mentoring platform can be integrated into the online experience for specific Decade events or related activities including Ocean Sciences Meeting, Ocean Visions Summit, and AGU’s Annual Fall Meeting with more than 25,000 scientists in attendance.

In addition, the platform can also leverage other training capacities of AGU to further enhance the mentoring experience, such as professional training on communicating effectively with policy makers, the media, and public as well as fellowship opportunities through the Thriving Earth Exchange to learn how to work directly with local communities to co-create solutions.

In discussions with representatives of the Early Career Ocean Professionals Programme, there was strong interest in leveraging M365 to support their programming needs and they have provided a letter of support for this proposal.

Start date: 02/04/2021
End date: 01/01/2030

Lead Contact: Janice Lachance (jlachance@agu.org)