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Preparatory Phase


Mark E. Capron, PE

Creating a survey of developing country communities for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (Decade)







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We are creating a survey to learn the kinds of sustainable ocean-related development most desired by people in developing countries. The survey will be designed for smart phones, perhaps on Google Forms. We hope to have accurate translations for every appropriate language. How you can help: (1) Suggest better wording for the survey. (Simple words that translate well. Shorter but clearer descriptions of each action.) (2) Offer to make a culturally accurate translation. (Ask for the English MSWord file.) (3) Edit and comment on the survey or the planning document: “Download Resource” at: 3 June 2020 excerpt from the draft survey: a. *Rank priorities for at least three of the possible actions accomplished during the UN Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development. Put “1” in the blank for highest priority (most important and most urgent), “2” for the next highest and so on. ___ Establish no-fishing areas, fishing quotas, and sharing fisheries between nations to avoid over-fishing and adapt (with sharing) as fish move away from warming water. ___ Build new ways of fishing for every town such that people can feed themselves, export fish for cash, maintain tropical fisheries, and establish more no-fishing areas for eco-tourists. ___ Make wastes into products: sewage to safe fertilizer; trash (especially plastic) into buildings, furniture, and fuel. The products pay for collection. Less plastic enters the ocean. ___ Build fuel and electric production that does not add CO2 to air: wind power, solar power, hydropower, fossil fuel with CO2 storage, and the like. ___ Build energy and CO2 storage industries that remove CO2 from air: more CO2 storage techniques so that every nation can participate in CO2 storage. ___ Other actions preferred in your community__________________________________ b. Optional comments/edits on the PDF document, especially Section 5’s funding suggestions for the Decade. Click on “Download Resource”____________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

Mark E. Capron, PE

5 mon

Please, join the Ocean Decade. If you cannot claim a "registered organization", your organization can be OceanForesters, indefinitely. Join at: We welcome diverse opinion and appreciate learning when our suggested actions don't make sense. Please, within a week or so of joining as OceanForesters, if you are comfortable doing so, suggest your organization join the Ocean Decade. When/if your school/university/company/government/sports team/... registers, you can change your profile.

Cláudia Magalhães

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Hello! Excellent initiative. The Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications of Brazil, MCTIC, co-organized the South Atlantic Regional Workshop held in Rio de Janeiro last November, and we offer to help in item number 2, preparing a draft of the survey questions to Brazilian Portuguese speakers. Kind regards, Cláudia Magalhães, ST Analyst,