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Mark E. Capron, PE

Concepts for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development







1 yrs

Developing Countries need “concrete deliverables” from the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. This initial draft document describes seven possible deliverables that form a circular economy (cradle-to-cradle sustainability) as well as circular Development-Science-Development. The seven possible deliverables address: Seafood; Human waste resource recovery; Solid waste resource recovery; Sustainable energy; Sustainable ocean biomass-for-energy; CO2 sequestration; and Floating land. This is intended to be a living document. We welcome more deliverables, co-authors, and signatories. Signatories are people and organizations that notice some good ideas herein and/or want to add more. We will be adjusting the document as people comment, edit, and/or join. The document was first submitted 9March20. Three developing country professors joined, we shortened the title, and improved clarity. The short title (above) version was submitted 11March20.

Mark E. Capron, PE

1 yrs

Executive Researcher

A PDF of “Concepts for the UN Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development is available at: You can also find editable versions of “Concepts for …” in a folder at: You may suggest edits and make comments many ways including: A reply in this Forum. Make edits/comments on the document in the folder. Download the MSWord version and send “track changes” edits. Send MSWord files with suggestions for where the text might fit. Please requests to and Please expect clean revisions of the document within a week of request for a planning event. Or monthly, if not requested sooner. "Concepts for ..." is a living document and will be incorporating comments and edits. You may make replies on the Forum: