Serie de seminarios web: Datos para la ONU Decenio del Océano - un enfoque europeo

Junio 19, 2024
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What is the Ocean data Webinar series about?

Oceans are an essential ecosystem for our planet. However, they are threatened by climate change, pollution, and several other factors. The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development has identified 10 ocean-related challenges to be addressed throughout the Decade to foster the sustainable use of oceans and marine resources.

Innovative tools and datasets derived from Earth observation (EO) data, in situ measurements, state-of-the-art models, and digital twins enable effective monitoring and forecasting of ocean health. This data supports the achievement of the UN Ocean Challenges and other ocean monitoring activities.

In this context, EUMETSAT, one of the main contributors to Copernicus, the Earth Observation component of the European Union’s Space Programme, is jointly organising a series of ocean webinars in partnership with the Copernicus Marine Service (implemented by Mercator Ocean International), the European Marine Observation and Data Network  (EMODnet), the ECOP Programme, and the UN OD Coordination Office for Ocean Data Sharing.

These webinars will focus on how European initiatives and data from Copernicus, EMODnet and other data sources can contribute to the UN Ocean Decade goals of sustainable use and protection of our oceans.

The webinar series will be structured through a user-driven approach. During the first webinar, participants will learn about the range of data that is available and have the opportunity to indicate the topics they would like to see covered in the upcoming sessions and the challenges they face in accessing marine data.

By taking part, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to access marine data through different platforms and contribute to the protection and sustainable use of oceans and marine resources. The series is suitable for an audience with diverse backgrounds.

Why attend?

  • Discover the power of European Marine Data
  • Help us to shape this webinar series
  • Learn how to make the most of ocean data


Webinar #1: Data for the UN Ocean Decade – A European focus | 19 Junio 2024, 14h30 CEST | Register here.

The first webinar will introduce Earth observation, in situ, and modelled marine data, how to access them through the European platforms of Copernicus, EUMETSAT, and EMODnet, and their possible applications. In addition, during the webinar, an interactive session in which participants will be asked to share the challenges they face when obtaining or using EO marine data will be featured. Such a user-driven approach will allow for the feedback collected to be used to structure the remainder of the webinar series. Register here.

More information on webinars #2, #3, #4, and #5 coming soon.


Junio 19, 2024
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EUMETSAT, Servicio Marino Copernicus, Red Europea de Observación y Datos Marinos (EMODnet), Programa ECOP, Oficina de Coordinación del Decenio para el Intercambio de Datos Oceanográficos


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