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WCO Biomolecular Observing Network

Marine Biological Association - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK)

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The Western Channel Observatory – Biomolecular Observing Network (WCO BON) will build on the successes of over a century of continuous biological observations (including 20 years of DNA sampling) by combining with innovative autonomous solutions for sampling, data capture and development of predictive capability through biological digital twins.

The observatory covers almost 1,000 km2 of coastal ocean in the Western English Channel adjacent to the city of Plymouth; home to three world-leading marine research organisations. Biomolecular observations will help map key biodiversity knowledge through temporal and spatial monitoring, with the bigger challenge of determining the biological functional capacity of this immense evolving marine genomic reservoir. Our ambition is to achieve integrated global biomolecular observations and data sharing through networks of excellence and capacity development. Its predictive capability will ultimately revolutionise sustainable ocean management.

This project is hosted by the Ocean Decade Programme Ocean Biomolecular Observing Network (OBON)

Start date: 01/02/2022
End date: 31/01/2032

Lead Contact: Willie Wilson (