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Tēnaka Mangrove Project

Tēnaka - France


Tēnaka is a social business that restores marine ecosystems through tailor-made programs for companies willing to integrate a regenerative workflow into their business model.

Our Mangrove Restoration Project started in Borneo Island, on the Malaysian side, in 2020. We intend to scale up by opening new restoration sites and enhancing our impact measurement tools and technologies.

Our marine biologists collect quantitative data on a quaterly basis to assess the health of the ecosystem as well as the impacts in terms of biodiversity. This data is inputted into the Tēnaka Science® Platform which algorithm’s then “translates” raw data into Impact Reports for our clients to communicate widely on their impact and engage their customers according to their business strategies.

We are developing partnerships with laboratories and tech agencies in order to enhance the monitoring of the ecosystems thanks to key technologies such as environmental DNA and blue carbon calculation tools.

Start Date: 01/01/2019
End Date: 31/12/2031

Lead Contact: Anne-Sophie Roux (