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Sailing4Science – Expanding the capacity for ocean observations and ocean citizen science awareness and stewardship

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

All Challenges, Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, North Atlantic Ocean, Project, South Atlantic Ocean, South Pacific Ocean

Sailing4Science will create better ocean stewardship, enable and empower sailing professionals and citizen scientists across the world with a toolbox of both frugal innovation, and cost-effective, low power observation tools that exploit recent transformative technologies for sensors and image acquisition and processing.

Focus is on the remote, understudied coastal ocean often coinciding with SIDS or low-income coastal communities, where capacity building needs to be carefully co-designed in relation to traditional knowledge and cultural norms of each region. The co-created, crowd-sourced data is valuable alone, but the collection process will also be important for ocean literacy and awareness activities.

Start Date: 01/06/2021

End Date: 31/05/2030

This project is hosted by the programme Observing Together: Meeting Stakeholder Needs and Making Every Observation Count.


Prof. Murat Ardelan: