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Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet - Norway


The PURE WIND project aims to address the knowledge gaps on the impact of offshore wind farms by expanding our knowledge of the radiated noise and the biological consequences of these operations.

The project will quantify key features of radiated noise from fixed and floating offshore wind farms, to increase understanding and simulate cumulative effect of clusters on radiated noise, helping to identify sensitive habitats in cross-basin soundscapes. From the biological perspective, the project will identify spatial and qualitative use of offshore wind by top predators and study the impacts of the related noise on zooplankton behaviour. These efforts will advance the knowledge of acute and cumulative effects of the operational noise of offshore wind energy across pelagic food webs.

Harmonising and combining these two sides, PURE WIND will develop knowledge and tools for integration of all aspects of noise production and propagation from operational offshore wind farms. This will facilitate assessment of planned offshore wind expansion for marine spatial planning and environmental impact.

Finally, the project will synthesise knowledge and best practices from EU and international experiences with fixed offshore wind installations and transfer this into the development of policy, mitigation, and regulation for floating offshore wind development within national, EU and international frameworks.

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