We are tackling this challenge through education, but in a different way. We seek to reduce and prevent ocean pollution through ocean literacy, encouraging people to change practices and habits helping the conservation of ecosystems, biodiversity and human health. This effort uses innovative methodologies so children can understand why it is so important to take care the ocean, and local communities can also be part of the management and conservation of our environment through education with an affective, playful, practical, intercultural, holistic approach that promotes responsible consumption in the population and empathy with our environment. We have educated more than 10,000 kids in 34 coastal communities and collected almost 4 tonnes of garbage in 38 beach clean-ups. Our data shows exactly what we teach: single-use plastics are choking our ocean, many species and us.

This Project is hosted by the Ocean Decade Pogramme Ocean Literacy With All (OLWA)

Start Date: 14/06/2021
End Date: 27/02/2026

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Lead Contact: Daniela Hill (daniela.hill.piedra@gmail.com)