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Leveraging Our Networks for the Ocean Decade

Sustainable Ocean Alliance - United States of America (USA)

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Through this contribution to Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs), the Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) seeks to facilitate sustained collaboration between ECOPs' regional nodes and SOA’s Regional Communities.

SOA can play an important role in helping ECOP to build out their regional communities – particularly in Africa, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia.

SOA currently has 7 Regional Representatives representing the Pacific Islands, North America, Africa, Hispano America, Southeast Asia, Lusofonia, Europe, and the Caribbean. These representatives manage extensive regional networks of ocean-focused young leaders, including 64 Ocean Solutions Hubs in 42 Countries.

We also aim to provide ECOPs with speaking opportunities, as well as opportunities for regional training, networking, mentorship, and jobs through SOA’s existing programs and community of ocean tech start-ups. By partnering, we aim to amplify our progress and deepen our impact towards achieving the objectives of the UN Ocean Decade.

Start Date: 01/02/2022
End Date: 01/01/2025

Lead Contact: Emily Tewes (