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Inundation Signatures on Rocky Coastlines

Williams College - United States of America (USA)

Contribution, Increase community resilience to ocean hazards, Skills, knowledge and technology for all, Unlock ocean-based solutions to climate change

Understanding the records of coastal wave inundation is fundamental for long-term risk analysis but it is still not possible to know inundation magnitude and frequency with any accuracy, or to know the difference between effects of past storms vs tsunamis.

These long-lived deposits provide the main records of prehistoric events, so reconstructions are crucial to provide predictions or future inundation regimes. The Inundation Signatures on Rocky Coastlines (ISROC) Research Coordination Network will unite researchers around the world to 1. Define the research gaps; 2. Extend and train the community of researchers; 3. Develop standards for gathering and archiving data; 4. Develop cyberinfrastructure for researchers to upload and access data; and 5. Create opportunities for collaboration and exchange. Information transfer, and providing data and interpretations to local stakeholders, is a primary goal.

Start date: 26/01/2022
End date: 01/06/2026

Lead Contact: Ronadh Cox (