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Integrated coastal ocean observing and predicting

Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change Foundation - Italy

Create a digital representation of the Ocean, Expand the Global Ocean Observing System, Increase community resilience to ocean hazards, Project

The Core project “PredictOnTime” will deliver new predictive capacities, services and products for the global coastal ocean based on innovative integrated observing systems and forecasting systems implemented and tested at selected Pilot areas.

The PredictOnTime Action will deliver a relocatable, easy to be deployed, cost effective observing and forecasting system of systems as well as best practices. The observing and forecasting systems will be deployed and tested with users and stakeholders in Pilot coastal areas in more than 20 nations in the global coastal ocean. We will focus on observing and predicting natural extreme events in the global coastal ocean on due time and with the appropriate accuracy so that impacts on natural and human resources and assets will be minimized. We will develop and consolidate the citizen science observing capacities and support through the new predictive capability the innovative and sustainable applications for coastal solutions/services.

This Project is hosted by the Ocean Decade Programme CoastPredict – Observing and Predicting the Global Coastal Ocean

Start date: 01/05/2022
End date: 30/04/2027

Lead Contact: Giovanni Coppini (