Meet all the endorsed Ocean Decade Actions

Global Fund for Coral Reefs

United Nations Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office

Develop a sustainable and equitable ocean economy, Indian Ocean, Project, Protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity, South Atlantic Ocean, South Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean, Understand and beat marine pollution

The Global Fund for Coral Reefs deploys and unlocks funding across a blended ‘Investment Ecosystem’ under a ‘protect-transform-restore-recover’ approach

Through a coalition of actors in each ecosystem, programming focuses on reducing local drivers of degradation and increasing resilience through a supported pipeline of investable ‘reef-positive’ interventions (e.g., revenue generating MPAs, mariculture, plastic waste management, sustainable fisheries).

Emphasis is placed on LDCs and SIDS in South Asia, the Pacific, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, in addition to other priority geographies, where climate resilient coral reefs support high levels of biodiversity and provide critical ecosystem services.

Programmes have already launched in Fiji, Philippines, The Bahamas, Papua New Guinea, Kenya and Tanzania. Currently, the pipeline for 2022 includes more than 20 additional countries.

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