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Gain knowledge to respond to multiple stressors

INVEMAR Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras José Benito Vives de Andréis - Colombia

Caribbean Sea, Develop a sustainable and equitable ocean economy, Project, Protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity, Skills, knowledge and technology for all, South Atlantic Ocean, South Pacific Ocean

During preliminary workshops, key oceans-related research priorities were identified and it was recognized that in order to manage multiple stressors, there is need for observations on marine and coastal life and related socio-economic impacts.

There is a need to fill priority knowledge gaps of ecosystems, and their responses to multiple stressors and develop tools to implement management frameworks that build resilience, recognize thresholds and avoid ecological tipping points. There is a need to unify programs and efforts whilst enhancing technical capacities (lack of data, information and research) through institutional expertise across the region to develop integrated solutions.

There is a pressing need to develop solutions to monitor, protect, manage and restore ecosystems and their biodiversity under changing environmental, social and climate conditions whilst addressing the lack of baseline scientific information on oceans and their biological diversity as well as the low investment in ocean science.

This Project is hosted by the Ocean Decade Programme Marine Life 2030

Start Date: 01/06/2022
End Date: 01/06/2030

Lead Contact: Francisco Arias | Email: