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EarthScope-Oceans: 300 MERMAIDS

Geoazur, Sophia Antipolis, France

Arctic Ocean, Increase community resilience to ocean hazards, Indian Ocean, North Atlantic Ocean, North Pacific Ocean, Project, Protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity, Skills, knowledge and technology for all, South Atlantic Ocean, South Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean, Sustainably feed the global population, Understand and beat marine pollution

EarthScope-Oceans is a multidisciplinary group of geoscientists coordinating efforts to create a global network of seismic sensors that monitor the Earth from within the oceanic environment.

EarthScope-Oceans shepherds national projects into the international arena where globally relevant, applicable, and mutually agreed-upon decisions can be made on instrument development, science objectives, data management, and outreach.

With MERMAID technology developing, EarthScope Oceans is becoming more multidisciplinary by including seismologists, acousticians, biologists, geochemists, meteorologists, oceanographers and environmental scientists. Collaboration with existing ocean-observing programs will enable complementary observation of ocean temperature, bathymetry, salinity, and biogeochemical tracers, and cost-effective instrument deployment and recovery by ships.

Start Date: 15/01/2021

End Date: 15/01/2031

This project is hosted by the Decade Programme Ocean Observing CoDesign – Evolving ocean observing for a sustainable future.


Dr. Karin Sigloch: