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Decade Coordination Office for Ocean Data Sharing

IOC-IODE - Belgium


The DCO for Ocean Data Sharing aims to manage the data management and sharing component of the digital ecosystem needed for the Ocean Decade to be successful. It will support the development of the capacity, findability, interoperability and re-usability of ocean data, information and knowledge within the framework of the Ocean Decade and beyond.

Its core focus is on Challenge 8 – Create a digital representation of the Ocean. It will also support and interact with the other components of the digital ecosystem and therefore enable Challenge 7 – Expand the global ocean observing system and Challenge 9 – Skills, knowledge and technology for all, as well as providing the foundational data components required to support activities related to all other Decade Challenges.

The activities of this DCO will promote sustained digital interoperability between the data, information, and digital knowledge generated by initiatives across the Decade, supporting a transparent, structured, intelligent, interoperable, and functional co-development of the Decade’s initial interoperability strategy described in the Implementation Plan.

It will bring together digital stakeholders – across regions, organizational scales, and capacity levels – to negotiate and establish clear agreements (from high- to low-level) on their co-development of the Decade’s digital ecosystem.

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Contact: Peter PISSIERSSENS, Head of IODE,