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Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022-2030

American Geophysical Union

Change humanity’s relationship with the ocean, Contribution

Ocean Sciences Meetings, with global outreach and online and onsite programming, will serve as a catalyst for convening thousands of the world’s leading oceanographers and will continue to extend its reach through a growing global group of affiliated communities and partners.

The Ocean Sciences Meeting, which has been held since 1984, proposes an in-kind contribution by providing a venue to promote connections between the Ocean Decade with oceanography community-scientists, NGOs, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. Additionally, the coalition of partners will bring more attention to the UN Decade outside of this biennial meeting. The conference scientific program committee for each meeting, which includes representatives from all three societies, would discuss how to prioritize the Decade at each conference between 2022-2030 and consider what partners or what focus would enhance collaboration and knowledge-sharing on sustainable oceans with a focus on the ocean we want for the future. Ocean Sciences Meetings will provide the opportunity to convene sessions on specific applications and priority areas of sustainable development throughout the decade. Participants also include representatives from NGOs, government agencies worldwide, other non-profit agencies, and private-sector organizations in the ocean sciences. Solution projects and outcomes, white papers, scientific journal articles, or other collateral are likely outcomes from each meeting and will expand the reach and timeline of the in-kind contribution. In addition, the coalition of sponsoring societies (AGU, ASLO, TOS) brings the ability to have a continuum of UN Decade work and focus beyond OSM through ASLO’s annual Aquatic Science Meeting, TOS’s meetings and communications channels, and AGU’s 25,000-person annual meeting and other conferences. In addition, there are other potential synergies in areas of each association. Additional goals of these events are to highlight the ocean’s importance to society and to support the Decade of Ocean science vision to develop scientific knowledge, build infrastructure and foster relationships for a sustainable and healthy ocean.

Star Date: 02/01/2021

End Date: 12/31/2030

Contact: Victoria Forlini | Email: