12th WIOMSA Scientific Symposium

A New Decade of Western Indian Ocean Science

The 12th WIOMSA Scientific Symposium is an official activity of the Ocean Decade. The Ocean Decade will be present in discussions throughout the Symposium and will also be holding several special sessions with partners.

Keynote Address | The Ocean Decade: A Framework for Strengthening the Science Policy Interface in Africa

Tuesday, 11 October 2022 ⏰ 9:00 - 9.40am SAST ? Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa

The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (the Ocean Decade) is a global initiative that aims to convene diverse actors to generate transformative ocean science that can be used to improve policy and decision making. The Ocean Decade works with governments, the scientific community, civil society, industry, and philanthropy to jointly identify critical knowledge needs and ensure that all actors have the skills and technology needed to access and use this knowledge across the science-policy interface. The recently developed Ocean Decade Africa Roadmap provides a framework to guide future priorities in the context of the Decade for knowledge generation and use. This keynote will explore the role of the Ocean Decade from a global to a local level in strengthening the science-policy interface in Africa. It will explore the mechanisms and processes that currently exist to achieve this, including the emerging concept of sustainable ocean planning; identify critical challenges and opportunities; and discuss a joint vision to advance the co-design and co-delivery of relevant ocean knowledge for sustainable development in Africa.

Regional Taskforce Meeting

Tuesday, 11 October ⏰ 12.45 - 2.00pm SAST ? Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa

The inaugural meeting of the African Ocean Decade Taskforce will be held in the sidelines of the Symposium. This will be a closed meeting for taskforce members, but opportunities will be found during the Symposium to communicate the key outcomes of this meeting and facilitate interaction between taskforce members and Symposium participants.


The Ocean Decade in Africa: Setting Priorities to 2030

Friday, 14 October ⏰ 8.30am – 12.00pm SAST ? Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa

In keeping with the Symposium theme of ‘A New Decade of Western Indian Ocean Science’, this special session will be a unique opportunity for diverse stakeholders to convene around the Ocean Decade Africa Roadmap. The Roadmap presents a series of priority ocean science initiatives for Africa as well as recommendations to strengthen the enabling environment for ocean science in Africa. This session will focus on the implementation of the Roadmap in the Western Indian Ocean but will also address Africa-wide challenges and opportunities for the Ocean Decade. It will seek to engage a broad range of actors from the scientific community, government, philanthropy, NGOs and industry to advance discussions and identify tangible actions for implementation of the Roadmap.

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From Knowledge to Practice: How is Marine Science Transformed Through Co-Design?

Friday, 14 October ⏰ 2.00 – 5.15pm SAST ? Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa

In the session, the MeerWissen Initiative, the Ocean Decade (IOC -UNESCO) and WIOMSA will share guidance, practice tools, and trainings on how to integrate Co-design in marine research. In the subsequent workshop, participants will identify needs and make recommendations to improve science-policy transfer through Co-design.

Join this interactive and lively session and shape a future of marine science that matters!

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*Special Sessions are open to all registered Symposium participants. Virtual daily registrations can be accessed on request by sending an email to secretary@wiomsa.org.

**All Special Sessions will be held at the Nelson Mandela University.